“Oh, you’ll see the king – a beautiful sight! And you’ll take in the wide vistas of land” Isaiah 17:33
Jonathan Edwards was known by many things. To some you read of him in your history books talking about a terrible God that dangles you like a spider over the fiery pit of hell. To theologians he is known for his deep theology and intellectual thinking. But to me, he is known for describing God like no other. He called it the “BEATIFIC VISION” which is simply having intuitive, unmediated, and unprecedented apprehension of the beauty of God. When God touched me deeply over 20 years ago, I begin to read his books and it opened up a whole new world of beauty within beauty. The never ending ocean of the love of God! One could say it’s having a sixth sense to see the things of this world. Jesus said “in the world but not of it”.
John Piper speaking of grace and the love of God said, “Is there a specified quantity to God’s kindness that will slowly diminish and someday run dry? The point of Paul’s effusive language is to emphasize that the grace of God in Christ is endlessly infinite, endlessly complex, endlessly deep, endlessly new, endlessly fresh, endlessly profound. God is infinite. Therefore, so too are his attributes. Throughout the ages to come, forever and ever, we will be the recipients each instant of an ever increasing and more stunning, more fascinating, and thus inescapably more enjoyable display of God’s grace than before. The essence of heaven is the vision of God and the eternal increase of joy in him.”
Every year for the past twenty years Frank and I go to Maggie Valley in the summer months to get out of Nola heat and visit my mom nestled up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She is situated up in 3500 elevation with a view that takes your breath away. In those 20 years my kids have grown up walking in the woods, picking blackberries and making pies to die for, or walking to a secret garden that is filled with waterfalls filled with ferns birds rocks or looking for bears that just might visit us in her yard, or an elk might wonder by. Also in these 20 years there is a potter that sits at his wheel and makes pottery sharing his story of Christ being the potter. I am embarrassed to admit just how much of his pottery I have. Every time I have visited there, we four ( My mom and I and his mom) have been sharing our Christ stories while catching up with news of each others families. I went there for Katrina and he always asks about our church and the women’s restoration center.

But today while in his shop, I begin to tear up as he talked of a special time where he sat in his mudroom making yet another special piece. He had his apron on, full of pottery dust, his hair graying and in the background I couldn’t help but to see the potter’s wheel and the unglazed pottery sitting there waiting to be burnt by beauty. It seemed Christ had walked into the shop, while others were unaware, I became frapped in the love of God. One special moment in time awed by the cycle of life.

He is near, he is close.