Rev.1:10,11 – I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet, Saying, I am Alpha and Omega…

John just couldn’t find words to describe the voice he heard that day on the isle of Patmos. One moment he said it had the sound of many waters, images of Niagara Falls and roaring ocean waves come into our mind. Next, John said the voice of the Lord had the sound of a trumpet blast. The trumpet was associated with a call to battle, festival days, or even a call to assemble. The Lord’s voice is calling John, as well as us, to prepare ourselves for the coming kingdom. His voice is calling us to Himself, to join together with His people, to fight in His kingdom, and to prepare ourselves for His return. Here are some thoughts from Jonathan Edwards on this verse of scripture.

“Hearken, you poor discouraged souls, you that are ready to say that you are cast out of God’s sight: yet let the joyful sound of this trumpet awaken your attention and encourage your heart to look towards God’s holy temple. Look up, see the door that is opened in heaven, the door of mercy and of hope. See the pleasant light that shines forth from that door. ‘Tis the light of the new Jerusalem; ’tis the light of the glory of God and the Lamb. Thither you are invited to enter; the way is open. The root and the offspring of David, the bright {and morning star}, says, Come; and the Spirit and the Sender says, Come; and whosoever will, let him come.”

The voice of the Lord is a joyful sound, nothing in this world can compare. He is calling us out of this dark world to be with Him in His coming kingdom. He is calling us into war. The world is at war with the Lord and His Son. People of the world are desperately trying to take our voice from us and hinder us from advancing His kingdom. The trumpet blast of the Lord is sounding for everyone who has an ear to hear, calling us to engage in His battle for His souls. He is calling us to join with His body, His church, in this last great battle before He returns. John was brought to the ground at the gravity of that moment in His presence. May we also be laid low in His presence until we join in this heavenly battle.

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