1 Tim.3:16 – And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness:

God was manifested in the flesh,

There is something amazingly mysterious about the birth of God’s only begotten Son. As Augustine constantly preached, “He was born of a human mother without a human father, He was born of the heavenly Father in eternity without a mother”. The birth of God’s only Son, who has existed long before the virgin conception and birth, is the greatest of all mysteries. The eternal birth and generation of the Son of God is even harder to fathom than the virgin birth of the Son of Man. How could someone who has always existed be begotten? How could a woman without a human mate conceive and have a Child? Both are beyond human reason and are stumbling blocks to the unrenewed mind. Never the less, I believe God’s only begotten Son was carried in the womb of a virgin teen aged jewish girl, was born in an animal stable, lived a sinless life, and died an unjust death to redeem me from my sin. Great is the mystery of Christmas. Here are some thoughts from Dietrich Bonhoeffer on this Christmas mystery.

“Holy theology arises from knees bent before the mystery of the divine child in the stable. Without the holy night, there is no theology. “God is revealed in flesh,” the God-human Jesus Christ — that is the holy mystery that theology came into being to protect and preserve. How we fail to understand when we think that the task of theology is to solve the mystery of God, to drag it down to the flat, ordinary wisdom of human experience and reason! Its sole office is to preserve the miracle as miracle, to comprehend, defend, and glorify God’s mystery precisely as mystery. This and nothing else, therefore, is what the early church meant when, with never flagging zeal, it dealt with the mystery of the Trinity and the person of Jesus Christ…. If Christmas time cannot ignite within us again something like a love for holy theology, so that we—captured and compelled by the wonder of the manger of the son of God—must reverently reflect on the mysteries of God, then it must be that the glow of the divine mysteries has also been extinguished in our heart and has died out.”

So this Christmas I am going to drink from the Christmas cup of theology. This is where my life begins, this is where I choose to stay.

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