“The people that is sitting in darkness saw a great light, and to those sitting in a region and shadow of death — light arose to them.” Matt. 4:16

Did you ever wonder why the scripture said “those that sit in darkness”? Makes one think it’s saying “to those that habitually make it their lifestyle”. It was 46 years ago on my Christmas break in my sophomore year that the light of Christ began to dispel the darkness that I was sitting in. How great was that darkness! Nine months later I found myself born again, married and off to bible school! Christ comes small in our lives like the babe in the manger born in a obscure village but little do we realize how big he gets in us! The star is still speaking to so many today that there is hope for you, freedom for you and forgiveness. Advent is upon us beckoning us to draw near-for he always comes. John Calvin said every human being is “formed to be a spectator of the created world and given eyes that he might be led to its author …. to cast our eyes upon the very beautiful fabric of the world in which God wishes to be seen by us. When those, who lay in darkness, are said to have seen a great light, a change so sudden and remarkable is intended to enlarge our views of the greatness of the divine salvation.”

Expositor Bible says; “Heavenly light, heavenly power, heavenly healing-these are the weapons of the new warfare: these the regalia of the new kingdom. No stinting now of the heavenly power; it flows in streams of blessing. It is daybreak on the shores of Galilee. The Sun of Righteousness has risen with healing in His wings.”

Take this advent season all in! Christ comes he always comes!






The people that sat in darkness saw a great light-Resplendent!


In the vivid lifeless damp night came lustrous hope dancing-Effulgent!


Stretching through eternity flaming prophecy became ripe for beholding-Forceful!


Incandescent splendor overcame the ache erupting- Divine intervention!


They saw, they felt, they were changed- Bedazzled!


Shining Ears awakened to the song, glowing eyes reflecting the shine -Splendid!


Blazing Bethlehem star hangs in the sky pointing-Radiant!


Wherever the beam shone that night the shepherds saw a new world-Florescent!


Wise men ardent in their journey looked for another -Glowing!


Incandescent from the manger is a child found – SON OF GOD!


parris bailey


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