Ps.106:1 – Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, For His lovingkindness is everlasting.

Several years ago I was reading a book by Jonathan Edwards about the glory of the Lord. While reading that book suddenly it hit me. I began to understand the connection between glory, goodness, and the manifest presence of the Lord. Edwards was saying that the very nature of the Lord is good, he called it moral excellence. He said that the manifestation of that inward character or goodness of the Lord is what we call the glory of the Lord. In our modern understanding we would call that the anointing or His manifest presence. David’s songs are filled with the

acknowledgement of God’s goodness. David always connects the dots, we are to give thanks to the Lord because He is good. The results? The outpouring of the glorious presence of the Lord. Here is how Martin Luther describes the goodness of the Lord.

“He especially commends God’s goodness above wisdom and power, because in setting forth Christ, it is especially the goodness that shines forth. However, there are two kinds of people who do not give thanks to the Lord because he is good.

The first kind is that of the despairing, who certainly believe that he can and knows how to save but they do not believe that he also is willing to do it, measuring the divine will according to their own will. The second kind is that of the presumptuous who regard themselves as good and self-sufficient, as if they did not need divine goodness. And these presume to climb up to equality with God, because they want to be what God is, namely, good in themselves. But the former remove and deny God altogether, because they do not believe his goodness. Both are very bad; but this last kind is worse, although also the first includes some denial of God, namely, when they want to be equal to God, who alone is most high. Therefore we should confess that goodness belongs to the Lord, and we should deny it to ourselves, and so we will be saved.”

Do you find yourself in one of those categories today? Are you having trouble acknowledging the goodness of the Lord because of your troubles? Or maybe you are stuck in the mode of human self sufficiency and can’t glorify the Lord. Both situations have the same solution, “Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, For His lovingkindness is everlasting”.

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