Rom.11:33 – Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways!

Just when you thought you had God figured out He blows you away again. His ways are higher than our ways. Everything from Creation to redemption astounds us with the magnificence of God’s glory and wisdom. His prophetic insight, revealed through the apostles and prophets, causes us to stand in awe before His unfolding mysteries. He has a plan for everything. In my life I have watched as the iron curtain fell and the bamboo curtain was penetrated by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Who would have thought that I would see the gospel preached openly in the former Soviet Union. Now we stand on the precipice of the great final prophetic events of the age. First the Islamic world will be shocked by the sudden harvest of souls

BEYOND COMPREHENSION into the Christian world. And finally, one last revival that will shake the nation of Israel to its foundation. Today’s verse touches on the mysterious and prophetic nature of our God. Here is how R. C. Sproul describes it.

“The first lesson in systematic theology deals with the incomprehensibility of God. The fullness of the essence of God’s glory so far transcends human ability to sound its depths that we are left in a state of awe before him. I am not saying that we are involved in some sort of mystery religion where the things of God are unintelligible; what God reveals we can grasp, to a certain degree. Central to the teaching of John Calvin was the axiom… “the finite cannot contain or grasp the fullness of the infinite.” Even after we are in heaven—when we are no longer looking through the glass darkly but basking in the refulgent glory of God—we will not have an exhaustive knowledge of the Creator.

Eternity is not long enough for the creature to come to a comprehensive knowledge of God, because even in eternity we will be creatures, and as creatures we are finite and will remain subject to Calvin’s axiom…. The depth is so deep that we cannot plumb it.”

So once we begin to recover from seeing His greatness revealed in the redemption of this age, then we step into the age of all ages. Eternity will be an unfolding of the greatness of our God.


  1. How can no one reply to this? What are our sites aimed at? Has your heart not been fully pumped up by the access, we did not deserve, yet here it is for the taking. No wonder the zombie interest isn’t just for halloween any more.

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