Rom.15:13 – May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him,

so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

One thing I really love about the Holy Spirit, He is with us in our day to day life. He is not only there for ministry but also our source of joy in whatever our hand finds to do. Whether you are a student, an office worker, a gardener or a cashier; it makes no difference. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Often times we can tend to categorize our lives. We have our work part, family part, recreation part, and our spiritual part. The beauty of the work of the Spirit is He is involved in all of it. He is our life and source of joy in whatever arena we find ourselves in. Here is how Andrew Murray describes it.

“Shortly after his conversion a man said to me, “I always thought that if I became religious it would become impossible for me to run my business. The two things just seemed too diverse to me. It seemed to me like a man trying to dig a vineyard with a bag of sand upon his shoulders. However, when I found the Lord, I was so filled with joy that I could cheerfully do my work from morning till night. The bag of sand was gone! The joy in the Lord was my strength and power. This is an important lesson. Many Christians do not understand that the joy of the Lord equips them for their task….Today’s text testifies to the joy and peace available to us through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

So what kind of adventure does today hold for you? The Lord will be with you satisfying, directing, empowering, and strengthening you for the task. He will be your word in season, wisdom to make right decisions, love to love the unlovely, and will strengthen you physically and emotionally for all of your labor. He has already gone before you so there is absolutely nothing for us to worry about. As a matter of fact He can make the most miserable circumstances and challenges an absolute delight. So take some extra time to stir yourself up in the Spirit before you head off today; after all, the joy of the Lord is your strength.


  1. yes… as I was reading this, eye felt a volume of an expression~Remembering who you are..NOW~ beliefs, issues, or problems fade away. Open to the Divine within, there is no need to seek, you ReDiscover Right Here and Now, and expand into The Real You.

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