Acts 10:44 – While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who were listening to the message.

I think some services need to be interrupted. All of us remember those horrible church services as a child. It had to be the longest hour of the week. You have to really try hard to make our magnificent God boring but somehow we seem to manage to do it quite well. Even as a child we all knew very well about the elephant in the room (or in the church): NO ONE WANTED TO BE THERE!!! Why were they there? Somehow it was what we needed to do so God would kind of like us. What a mess! That’s why it seems so disturbing to me when formerly Spirit filled churches have surrendered to the short edition of church. I guess if we don’t allow the Holy Spirit to move among us there is really no reason to be there, might as well just watch the online version. I think we are really in need of another season of divine interruption. You know, when God comes down and no one wants to pontificate, no one needs to when He fills the room. Here is how Jonathan Edwards described God interruptions in his day.

“Some object against it as great confusion, when there is a number together in such circumstances, making a noise; and say, God can’t be the author of it, because he is the God of order, not of confusion….. But if God is pleased to convince the consciences of persons, so that they can’t avoid great outward manifestations, even to the interrupting and breaking off those public means they were attending, I don’t think this is confusion, or an unhappy interruption, any more than if a company should meet on the field to pray for rain, and should be broken off from their exercise by a plentiful shower. Would to God that all the public assemblies in the land were broken off from their public exercises with such confusion as this the next Sabbath day! We need not be sorry for the breaking the order of the means, by obtaining the end to which that order is directed: he that is going a journey to fetch a treasure, need not be sorry that he is stopped by meeting the treasure in the midst of his journey.”

Would to God that all of the services in America would be interrupted by heavenly showers this Sunday. I think something that dramatic is necessary and actually inevitable in light of the current spiritual condition of our land. Come Lord and visit us again.

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