And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them.



Who says we can’t have it all? Jesus asked the Father to give us the same glory that Jesus had enjoyed from eternity. What exactly is that glory? Why; it is God Himself. He is our portion and our treasure. The problem we have with this promise is that we have no idea of what the riches of the glory of God are. When we catch an inkling of that greatness, it produces a massive shift in our lives. We treasure and pursue different things than we used to. We see the incredible chasm between the wealth of creation and the Creator Himself. He is the treasure of our lives. When we are first saved we taste the edge of it, when we are baptized in the Holy Spirit, we see a little bit more of His nature, as we gaze into the scriptures we often fall into giant holes of revelation actually tasting the goodness of the Lord. When we see Him we will finally know, our inheritance will begin to unfold. Here is how Charles Spurgeon describes it.



“Behold the superlative liberality of the Lord Jesus, for he hath given us his all. Although a tithe of his possessions would have made a universe of angels rich beyond all thought, yet was he not content until he had given us all that he had. It would have been surprising grace if he had allowed us to eat the crumbs of his bounty beneath the table of his mercy; but he will do nothing by halves, he makes us sit with him and share the feast. Had he given us some small pension from his royal coffers, we should have had cause to love him eternally; but no, he will have his bride as rich as himself, and he will not have a glory or a grace in which she shall not share. He has not been content with less than making us joint-heirs with himself, so that we might have equal possessions. He has emptied all his estate into the coffers of the Church, and hath all things common with his redeemed. There is not one room in his house the key of which he will withhold from his people.”


Joint heirs with Christ. He has brought us into an incredible family with unthinkable wealth. All of the fairy tales in the world can’t come close to what has actually happened to us. He has given us His glory.

2 Replies to “HAVE IT ALL”

  1. Even just to read and say it to myself, I know I don’t have the capacity, like trying to eat a whale, all that this really means and how it can and will affect me. Jesus you are so overwhelmingly generous, the depth of which is beyond my comprehension.

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