Jesus therefore took the loaves. John 6:11

The Lord delights in using the weak to confound the strong and the poor to humble the rich. Impossible situations is where God’s power is seen in its greatest brilliance. He waited for His friend Lazarus to be dead for four days until He went to His tomb, He Himself was born in a stable rather than a king’s palace, and He used a little boy’s lunch when thousands of people were without a meal. He found the most ridiculous vessel and material to perform His miracle; a little boy with his lunch was what He chose to display His power on that incredible day. If He is the same yesterday, today, and forever it gives all of us hope. It doesn’t take great talent or wealth to be used by God, all He wants or needs is what you have in your hand. Here are some thoughts from Watchman Nee on this great miracle.

“For most of His miracles, God makes use of material. Here Jesus accepts five loaves and two fishes. He might have turned stones to bread, but He did not. He chose instead to work with what was offered Him. “Bring them hither to me,” He said. What He does, He does through us. All miracles begin here, with my all in His hands. Keep my loaves to myself, and one man is fed. Give them up to Him, and shall I go hungry?

In a day of extreme national poverty, the prophet Malachi brought to Israel God’s answer to her problem. It was: bring the whole tithe into the storehouse—and see! It takes only a tiny stopper to close a very large bottle, so withholding from us its entire contents. And heaven is like that. Often for us there is no miracle simply because we give God nothing to work on. He asks only a very little—what we have! But He needs that.”

Feed the Multitudes is a picture of exactly this. We were facing bankruptcy as a church in 1990 when the Lord told us “give them something to eat”. As we followed Him in that first FTM we saw Him effect us in two major ways. We saw His ability to do what we never could as FTM was a great success even though we were broke. Secondly, we saw the importance of reaching out to the poor and hurting. Come join us this year for Feed the Multitudes. Maybe you will see a miracle as you too “give them something to eat”.

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