Jn.3:35,36 – “The Father loves the Son and has given all things into His hand. “He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him.”

Ever hear about the frog in boiling water. You know the story, the water gets hotter and hotter gradually until its too late. I kinda feel like that is where a lot of the so called church is today. They have thrown out the more offensive doctrines so not to be offensive. Guess what? The Bible has always been offensive to the natural mind. The church has shed much of what gives the church its power. What am I talking about? Well, stuff like repentance, the blood of Jesus, the wrath of God, the power of His presence; these topics have been gradually abandoned and weakened the church until it is at the place of being something other than His church. R.C. Sprole speaks powerfully about this tragedy.

“Paul is astonished here with the thinking of his contemporaries, and if he were around today he would say, “Have you people lost your mind, that you have no room in your theology for the wrath of God? Do you think there is no judgment—that everybody gets a free pass?” That is the secret hope of every impenitent person in this world. “I’m fifteen . . . I’m eighteen . . . I’m twenty-five . . . I’m forty-five . . . I’m seventy-five, and I have not been judged thus far. I have not experienced the wrath of God yet. All that stuff about the wrath of God is just scare tactics that the preachers use to keep us in line and manipulate us with guilt. I do not have anything to fear from the judgment of God because a good judge, a loving judge, would never punish anybody. He hates the sin, but he loves the sinner, and he loves him unconditionally.”

You see the problem is reinventing of God in our own image. We envision a God with all mercy and no hatred of sin. If God is merciful yet also holy and just, sin demands punishment. The judgement of God was the whole purpose of the cross. The Son of God became a man to take God’s righteous anger against sin on our behalf. That is the ultimate good news, Jesus took my place, He suffered the just penalty of my sin. What do I receive? I receive the mercy of God.


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