“This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed” Romans 13:11

Recently I read an article about the next generation coming up before us. I am a baby boomer, my boys are Generation X, my daughter is a true millennialist, and now my grandchildren appear to be Generation Z or the i-generation. Each generation takes on their special challenges and I pray “awakenings”. We all underestimate the Parousia or his presence amongst us. At this moment we are returning from what I call “an Asia tour”-Frank ministering in Manilla at one of the largest churches in that nation, participating in the 60 year celebration of the largest church in the world in Seoul Korea, and last but not least stopping over in Hawaii while the Kilauea Volcano is erupting vicariously. In all three parts of the world I felt the parousia. (his presence and his coming)

“Morning dawns” says the Expositor Bible; “where the sleep is shaken off and He must therefore rise, walk and do his work, lest sleep should again steal over him. His word aims us to go into HIGHER AND HIGHER DEGREES of perfection.The night, with its murky silence, its “poring dark,” the night of trial, of temptation, of the absence of our Christ, is far spent, but the day has drawn near; it has been a long night, but that means a near dawn; the everlasting sunrise of the longed for Parousia, with its glory, gladness, and unveiling. Let us put off, therefore, as if they were a foul and entangling night robe, the works of the darkness, the habits and acts of the moral night, things which we can throw off in the Name of Christ; let us put on the weapons of the light, arming ourselves, for defense, and for holy aggression As by day, for it is already dawn, in the Lord, let us walk decorously, becomingly, as we are the hallowed soldiers of our Leader.”

Spurgeon said “while you are in business, or on your bed, or in the field, the flaming heavens may proclaim his advent”. He believed Christ’s personal return was imminent. Take off that foul nasty old smelly robe that keeps you from experiencing his presence presently. Don’t get caught in the world’s mind games. Christ is present speaking throughout each generation their love language. Morning is dawning!

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