Job 37:14 – Hearken unto this, O Job: stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God.





Parris and I got to enjoy four days in Hawaii on our return from a ministry trip to Asia. On our last day we went on a snorkeling trip and were able to see several pods of various types of dolphins on the way to the snorkeling location. It seems like the Lord is constantly speaking through His creation. The trip guide begin talking to us about the purpose of dolphins living in pods, sometimes God’s animals have more sense than us. Why do they live in pods? Several very important reasons. First, for protection. The dolphins are able to protect themselves from predators (the snorkel guide avoided using the shark word). These dolphins can ward off the sharks and protect their young by working together. Secondly they work together for survival. They are smart and actually work a plan to trap fish for their food. They also are very social animals and need the affection and care that they show for one another. Here is some info about dolphin pods from the publication called Dolphin World


“In the ocean, the “school” (or, in the case of dolphins, the “pod”) is the basic social unit. It provides for a cooperative, social way of life and increases the chances for individual survival. The pod uses both acoustic and non-acoustic means of communication. Cooperation and forming alliances are ways in which the more complex mammals attempt to manipulate their social environment. Such alliances require sophisticated means of communication in order to manage relationships. Dolphins do this by forming fluid, temporary groups called “pods”, typically consisting of 2-15 animals. Dolphins are very social creatures and appear to need each other while hunting, defending themselves and their pods, and (obviously) mating.”


So have you connected the dots in your life yet? Too often we try to forge on by ourselves or worse yet, join up with an ungodly “pod” of worldly people. In our Christian pod/community we too find the answer to many of our needs. We find protection from sin and destructive heresies by the production we find in our Christian community. We also find the spiritual nourishment that we need for our daily survival. We find the teaching from God’s ministers as well as the Lord speaking to us from various members of His body. Finally, this is our place where we find God’s love. His love is the life of the church. It’s in relationships found in our Christian pods that we are made whole.



  1. The need for community should not be underestimated by Christians. I am just beginning to enjoy the deeper advantages of my church family, life groups and brother’s in Christ. No longer does correction carry the negative weight, but rather the tender love of my Savior and Father. I find love that can only be experienced in close vulnerable relationships and with all the aforementioned comes healing. God is good and I needed to get close enough to taste that goodness and that is pretty close and open! \o/

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