Since we live in the Spirit,

let us keep in step with the Spirit.


Many think of the Spirit filled life as just related to churchy stuff. You know, things like prayer or leading a small group or other church related activity. The Holy Spirit is also often relegated to a special service with a guest speaker or the back room for ministry so as not to offend the carnal. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth, the Holy Spirit is intended to be the source of all of our life. We are made alive by Him and we live our lives by His day by day and His moment by moment help. He gives us wisdom for decisions that range from business, to family, and ministry. He gives us ability to do our daily duties that are way beyond our natural talents. He helps us focus and value what really matters in life and fills us with passion and joy to do His will. He is also our strength to overcome and avoid the pitfalls of temptation that litter our paths. To be filled with His Spirit daily is essential. Here is how Andrew Murray describes it.

“A Christian should experience the leadership of the Holy Spirit in his everyday life and conversations. People think of the Spirit of God as though He is only needed during prayer, or for our service in the kingdom of God. But to reason in this way is a mistake. God gives us His has the ability to draw us away from God. We need to ask God every morning for the assistance of His Spirit during the whole day. Paul often reminds us of this: “You received Jesus Christ, so walk in Him”. Just as we put on our clothes before going out, so a Christian should “put on” Jesus Christ and show by his behavior that Christ lives in him, and that he is clothed in the Holy Spirit. As long as we don’t live according to the leadership of the Holy Spirit, the world and things of the flesh will have us in its grip.”

So don’t forget to get dressed today before you tackle all of your challenges. Be clothed with His power, it will make for a much better day.

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