Is.53:10 – But the LORD was pleased To crush Him, putting Him to grief; If He would render Himself as a guilt offering, He will see His offspring, He will prolong His days, And the good pleasure of the LORD will prosper in His hand.

What a strange scripture, it pleased the Father to bruise His Son. This sounds morbid until you catch the Father’s love for redemption and Jesus’s passion for the Father’s glory. The Father paid the unthinkable price of any father, watching the torture and death of His only Son. It would be impossible for a father to stand by and watch this gruesome scene without incredible motivation. What was the source of this incredible restraint? The Father’s love for fallen man. He saw the Son’s death as the price of redemption of His prodigal race. In other words He did it because He loved me and you.

What about Jesus, what caused Him to suffer and die? Jesus has an incredible love for His Father’s glory. For the glory of God to be honored the sinfulness of man had to be judged. Jesus became a man to represent mankind. The Father’s justice was satisfied by the suffering and death of His Son. As a result you and are set free. Here is how John Piper sees it.

“It pleased the Lord to bruise him. Or as Paul said, the sacrifice of Christ was “a fragrant aroma to God”. So the question we may be better able to answer now is, How could the Father delight in the sacrifice of his own Son?

One part of the answer is stressed at the end of verse 10, namely, that God’s pleasure is in what the Son accomplishes in dying. It says, “The pleasure of the LORD will prosper in his hand.” God’s pleasure is not so much in the suffering of the Son, considered in and of itself, but in the great success of what the Son would accomplish in his suffering…This means that by his death Jesus begets, as it were, spiritual offspring, and he goes before them into eternity, prolonging his days forever….The way “God’s pleasure prospers in the hand of the Son is by creating what we might call the “offspring of the cross.” Who are these people?”

You and I are those offspring! God’s unthinkable plan, to take pleasure in the death of His Son is unmistakably the greatest of all stories.

3 Replies to “PLEASED TO BRUISE HIM – JN 19:8-12”

  1. Amen… I have been attempting 😎 to contact Mary, to deliver some great frozen food items and such … No one will return my call or messages one Way or the other.

  2. Something deep within experiences a holy touch while marinating on those words. One of the single most important examples of His love. And forgive me pastor, they are at the women’s retreat.

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