Ps.73:28 – But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord GOD my refuge, That I may tell of all Your works.

The Psalmist recognized his need for God. He concluded that being in God’s manifest presence was the “good” in his life. This revelation changes the emphasis of your life. He is not talking about a one time event or even occasional experiences, he is describing a walk with the Lord. Here is how Montagu Villiers describes this way of life.

“To draw near to God. It is not one isolated act. It is nor merely turning to God, and saying, “I have come to him.” The expression is draw. It is not a single act; it is the drawing, the coming, the habitual walk, going on, and on, and on, so long as we are on earth. It is, therefore, an habitual religion which must be pressed and enforced upon us.”

That was the lesson of Enoch, Enoch walked with God and God took him. Tasting the goodness of God puts us on a new track in life, we are now on a pursuit that is only content in nearness to Him. Charles Spurgeon also spoke of the blessing of being near, check this out.

“The greater our nearness to God, the less we are affected by the attractions and distractions of earth. Access into the most holy place is a great privilege, and a cure for a multitude of ills. It is good for all saints, it is good for me in particular; it is always good, and always will be good for me to approach the greatest good, the source of all good, even God himself. I have put my trust in the Lord God.”

Notice what Spurgeon said, not only is His presence the source of all good, it is also a cure for a multitude of ills. Much of our struggle in life starts with being discontent. That malady leads to all sorts of bad choices; sexual activity outside of marriage, consumption of alcohol, drug and substance abuse, and even a lust after the riches and treasures of this world. Yes, restless hearts wandering through life, drinking from the wrong wells. Jesus taught us to focus our hunger and thirst toward Him. It is in the nearness of God that our souls find contentment and finally begin to rest.

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