Jn.13:1 – Now before the Feast of the Passover, Jesus knowing that His hour had come that He would depart out of this world to the Father, having loved His own who were in the world, He loved them to the end.

We see in this passage a shocking display of the Lord’s love for fallen man. Just imagine what Jesus was going through. His arrest and execution were imminent, before the night was over He would be taken into custody and the interrogation and beating would begin. His response is unthinkable, He is still moved by love, loving His confused disciples until the end. He humbled Himself to take the role of a servant and begin to wash the filthy feet of His disciples. From John to Judas, Peter to Thomas; Jesus tenderly took the feet of each disciple, fixed His gaze upon each one, and began to wash their feet. He wanted them to feel His touch one last time before His departure. He was preparing for the work that would lie ahead. Here is how Bishop Ellicott describes this verse.

“He knew during the course of His earthly work that His hour was not yet come, and again and again declared this. Now He knows with equal certainty that the hour is at hand that He should depart unto the Father. Having loved his own which were in the world…The words as here used refer specially to those who had been called by Him, and had left all and followed Him….He would depart “out of the world;” they would be left “in the world,” as sheep among wolves, and as sheep without their shepherd. St. John places these facts in touching contrast. His thoughts are for them and not for Himself. For Him there would be the return to the glory of His Father’s throne, but His mind dwells on the bereavement and sorrow of those He leaves behind, and this moves Him to a special manifestation of His love….“Having loved His own, He continued to love them until the last moment.”

The most amazing thing about this passage is the personal nature of the ministry of Jesus. All through the gospel of John Jesus took time for the one. From the woman at the well, to the blind man beside the road, Jesus loves people. He loves you and has you on His radar. He wants to wash your feet, actually He wants to wash all of you in His love. Sit down in His presence. He is coming to pour out His love on you.


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