Jn. 11:33 – When Jesus therefore saw her weeping, and the Jews also weeping which came with her, he groaned in the spirit, and was troubled,


You could say that this miracle, the raising of Lazarus from the dead, brings the ministry of Jesus to a place of culmination. You could call this the defining moment of Jesus’s life and ministry. Lazarus is Everyman, laying in his tomb of his trespasses and sins. He is a picture of the tragedy of man’s fall into sin and the terrible ramifications that the fall brought on all of us.

Look at the picture painted by the Apostle John in this verse. John could see this scene in his mind’s eye like it was yesterday (it had probably been 50 years before he wrote about it). He describes Jesus groaning or snorting in anger. What is John describing? He is showing the Lord’s hatred of the consequences of sin. This miracle shows the solution. Christ Himself is the answer, He alone is the Resurrection and the Life. Here is how Bishop Ellicott describes this scene.



“The word rendered “groaned” occurs, besides in this verse and John 11:38, three times in the New Testament…the original meaning of the word is “to snort, as of horses.” Passing to the moral sense, it expresses disturbance of the mind—vehement agitation. This may express itself in sharp admonition, in words of anger against a person, or in a physical shudder, answering to the intensity of the emotion. In each of the passages in the earlier Gospels the word is accompanied by an object upon which the feeling is directed. In the present context it does not go beyond the subject of the feeling. Here it is “in the spirit”; and in John 11:38 it is “in Himself.” Both mean the same thing; and point to the inner moral depth of His righteous indignation; the object of it, however, is not expressed.”

This story tells it all, Jesus became a man because we were all rotting in our tombs of sin and shame without a way of escape. He came to call us out of sin and to break its hold on our lives. Just as it was in Lazarus case, our troubles trouble Him, He despises what sin has done to us all. He has come to rescue us totally and finally through the power of the Resurrection.

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