John 1:4,5 – In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

Billy Graham finished his race this week, he will be sorely missed. He had an unusual ability to always keep his focus on eternity. I suppose the more real eternity becomes to you the more you tend to focus on it, he has finally entered into eternity for himself. I had the privilege of meeting Rev. Graham in 2005 just after Katrina slammed New Orleans. Rev. Graham insisted on coming personally to the meetings here and actually preached and gave the altar call at the Smoothy King Arena. I was asked to pray with the converts from the altar call on the last night of the meeting, it was one of the great honors of my life. His message was the same as it has always been, Jesus is the only way to heaven, you must believe He died on the cross, rose from the dead, and accept Him into your heart. The simplicity of his preaching was quite profound. Here is an excerpt from his book “Where I Am”.

“Scientists really don’t know what light is, but we all know its many effects. We know that there could be no plant, animal, or human life upon the earth without light. God put the sun in precise balance and distance from the earth. If it were a few miles closer, we would be burned up. If it were a farther distance from the earth, we would freeze. What the sun is to the earth, Jesus Christ is to the spiritual world. What effect the sun has on nature is the effect Jesus has on our cold, lifeless, and sinful natures. Christ wants to turn His light on in our hearts. He wants us to be reflectors of His divine Light. I have traveled to every continent in the world and have been a witness to the difference God’s light makes in the people who possess Him. We are His light in a dark world….Every day should be lived with eternity on our minds. If we did this, we would live differently, with purpose and resolve to please the eternal One who is Bread and Light and Vine and Shepherd.”

Meeting Billy Graham improved my life, meeting Jesus has changed my life permanently. Maybe you feel like darkness has tried to strangle the very life out of you. Be encouraged, in Christ there is both light and life for everyone who believes.

2 Replies to “THE LIGHT OF LIFE”

  1. So glad you were honored to be on the alter at the Arena. The photo that was taken above him in a wheelchair being pushed by his son Franklin and you and several pastors behind him reminded me
    of Moses in his last crusade before he went away. Still a very awesome picture an unusual reddish/orange appearance
    Coming off the top of Billy Graham s head and shooting off his hands. I am so looking up for my redemption to draw near. Amen

  2. Yes!
    I believe a portion of His evangelistic mantle is spread over all who He impacted when he entered into his reward!
    His inspiration will carry on!

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