John 4:4 And He had to pass through Samaria.

The Lord didn’t pass through Samaria by accident, He had an unscheduled appointment with this woman who had been married five times. Now John didn’t divulge the details of this woman’s sorry life, but it wasn’t a pretty picture. Five husbands? She wasn’t a happy camper. Her joy was long gone. She was just trying to get through another miserable day, that’s when Jesus showed up. “Give me a drink”, she heard the traveling stranger say. “How is it that you are asking this Samaritan woman for a drink?” Jewish men could never correspond with a Samaritan, especially a woman. She had no idea who He was or what was about to happen. You know the rest of the story, He told her about drinking, and living water, and a spring within that would satisfy her forever. Her life would never be the same.
That’s how it always is with Jesus, unscheduled appointments, interrupted schedules, and lives permanently changed. That’s how it was with Saul of Tarsus. One minute he is swearing about Christian tongue talkers in the temple and some horrible trip to Damascus, then the next minute, he is on his face in the dirt, worshipping the crucified carpenter that he hated more than anyone on earth. The next thing you know, Saul is on a basket ride over the wall in Damascus, his life long journey for Christ had begun. That’s how it is with Jesus, suddenly He appears out of nowhere and then, all bets are off.
How could we forget Bartimaeus, and his random appointment. It was just another day of darkness, he had been blind all of his life. Suddenly there was a crowd drawing near, shouting, praising, laughing. Before he knew it, he was caught up in the moment, shouting the name of Jesus, until he found himself standing right in front of Him. Suddenly, someone turned the lights on, brightness flooded his senses, then he saw for the first time. There he was, looking into the smiling face of Jesus, this moment was too good for words. Bartimaeus never wanted to lose this feeling that he had in those moments with Jesus. What did he do? He began to follow Jesus down the road.
Maybe you can relate to one of these characters. Maybe all your dreams have been smashed like the Samaritan woman, ever day you are just trying to overcome the depression nagging at your soul. Or maybe you are angry, like Saul of Tarsus, somebody is messing things up in your life and you want to put a stop to it. Or maybe, you are more like Bartimaeus. Maybe you are sick and don’t know how you will ever have a normal life, all hope seems to be gone. If so, you are in a good place. You are a candidate for one of His random appointments. You might be thinking, “that always happens to someone else, never to me”. Nope, I think your wrong. Actually He is standing here right now, ready or not, He is knocking on your door. Are you going to let Him in?


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