Acts 2:1,2 – When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place. And suddenly there came from heaven a noise like a violent rushing wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting.

This was quite an astounding miracle. This wasn’t a gentle spring breeze, it was literally a violent rushing wind. It was a sign from heaven announcing a new age; this would be the age of the Holy Spirit being poured out on all mankind. I love this glimpse into the third person of the trinity, the blessed Holy Spirit. In this one picture of the Holy Spirit we catch a glimpse of Who He is and what He is like. This wind is the very breath of God. This is not an impersonal wind blast, this is the very breath of heaven bringing His kisses to all of us. Think about it, there is not anything much more personal than a kiss, God breathes His kisses on us, awakening us to life. Here are some thoughts from McClaren on today’s verse.

“We are carried hack to that grand vision of the prophet who saw the bones lying, very many and very dry, sapless and disintegrated, a heap dead and ready to rot. The question comes to him: ‘Son of man! Can these bones live?’ The only possible answer, if he consult experience, is, ‘O Lord God! Thou knowest.’ Then follows the great invocation: ‘Come from the four winds, O Breath! and breathe upon these slain that they may live.’ And the Breath comes and ‘they stand up, an exceeding great army.’ ‘It is the Spirit that quickeneth.’ The Scripture treats us all as dead, being separated from God, unless we are united to Him by faith in Jesus Christ. According to the saying of the Evangelist, ‘They which believe on Him receive’ the Spirit, and thereby receive the life which He gives, or, as our Lord Himself speaks, are ‘born of the Spirit.”

Ezekiel’s vision pictures man as literally dead men walking. We are dead in our sins until His wind begins to blow. His wind awakens us and breathes the very life of God into our souls. This is why Jesus came to earth, to love us back to life. So maybe you feel like a lifeless corpse just going through the motions of life. Don’t be dismayed, His breath is blowing life into your soul.

3 Replies to “LIFE GIVING WIND”

  1. That “wind” was blowing around me my whole life yet it was not till 01/20/05 that I recognized it and breathed it in. It is hard to explain but I see this very thing playing out everywhere today. God is evident all around, His actions are plain to see yet so many people are completely oblivious or notice something and just play it off as……….
    I think the Lord allowed my decisions to hit me in the gut so hard I had little choice but to suck in a lung full. He emphysaō, I took it in and lived. \o/

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