John 3:7 – “Do not be amazed that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’

Jesus is actually blowing this Pharisee’s mind. ‘Born again! Absurd!’, Nicodemus must have thought. Nicodemus responded with the lame response, ‘How can one enter back into his mother’s womb?’. This Pharisee had no idea of what Jesus was really talking about, Nicodemus didn’t understand this spiritual birth. Jesus is telling this teacher that there is a whole new life he is unfamiliar with. Actually, true life begins with this new birth. Jesus is the way into life itself, life that come from God. The life is the very life that Jesus Himself has enjoyed with His Father from eternity. Barclay tells us about this life Jesus is offering in this famous discourse.

“Now let us take eternal life. It is far better to speak of eternal life than to speak of everlasting life. The main idea behind eternal life is not simply that of duration. It is quite clear that a life which went on for ever could just as easily be hell as heaven. The idea behind eternal life is the idea of a certain quality of life. What kind? There is only one person who can properly be described by this adjective eternal and that one person is God. Eternal life is the kind of life that God lives; it is God’s life. To enter into eternal life is to enter into possession of that kind of life which is the life of God. It is to be lifted up above merely human, transient things into that joy and peace which belong only to God. Clearly a man can enter into this close fellowship with God only when he renders to him that love, that reverence, that devotion, that obedience which truly bring him into fellowship with him.”

The amazing thing about this scene between Jesus and Nicodemus is this, spending eternity in heaven is wonderful because of Jesus. Nicodemus had a belief in spiritual things, he had never seen or tasted the reality of those things. The very source and joy of eternal life is the very One Who was calling out to Nicodemus. You must be born again; not repeat a prayer, not be water baptized, not answer an altar call, or not attend a certain church. So I have to ask you, have you been born again?

One Reply to “ETERNAL LIFE”

  1. There is a television program called “Shark Tank” with a billionaire who enjoys calling himself “Mr. Wonderful” He is a self proclaimed money worshiper, with little patience for anything that won’t increase his bottom line. Now of course I don’t know him or his history, and don’t care to pass judgement on anyone, that is God’s job and no man is qualified for that other than Jesus. I do have a sense of compassion for him and other successful people who attain wealth, notoriety, and power, because apart from God, their success has a fixed time table (you can’t take it with you) and then stripped down of all worldly conquests, what are you? This is where being born again allows us to reset directions and priorities and actually have the voice of wisdom and everlasting love taking us step by step on the highest ground possible while we are still in these bodies. Isn’t it amazing, knowing all of this, we can still be like Peter and avoid talking to people about this gift from God that is meant for ALL. God help us.

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