Heb.11:34 – “Out weakness were made strong.”

This is a great description of God’s glory being displayed in weak human vessels. Paul spoke about the Lord calling the lowly to humble the power brokers of the world. The disciples were not exactly candidates to change the world (but they did). David’s band of scalawags and rascals weren’t likely to start a kingdom (but they did). George Whitefield and Evan Roberts were too young, William Seymore was blind in one eye and the son of a slave, Kathryn Kuhlman was a woman, Peter was a fisherman, and Paul was a murderer. I think the Lord loves to take unlikely people and unlikely circumstances to show His power. What’s your excuse? Our excuses become God’s testimony of displaying His power in weakness. Here are some thoughts from Dick Mills on man’s weakness and God’s power.

“What a graphic study in contrasts! Bottom line: It’s man’s weakness impacted and empowered by God’s indwelling strength. Weakness is from the Greek Word asthenia. It traces to a word meaning strength-less. In the four gospels and in Acts, asthenia describes the people who came to Jesus and the disciples for healing, having infirmity, disability in health; and lacking in strength. From the book of Romans onward, asthenia was used mostly to describe man’s frail nature when contrasted with God’s power. Paul uses the word infirmities when describing human nature. In Romans 6:19 and 8:26, he declares that the Holy Spirit comes to our aid and assists us in fleshly weakness or infirmity. I think asthenia can be used to describe man without God, trying to make it in life without divine go-power. Someone said, “Man without God ain’t going nowhere”.

The ministry of Jesus was all about power being displayed through weakness. He was born as a baby in a manger and now reigns at the right hand of God in heaven. He was raised as the son of a carpenter but astounded the professors and priests with His wisdom. He casts out demons with His word, healed the sick and raised the dead with the touch of His hand. He was arrested, beaten and crucified in weakness and was raised from the dead by the power of God.

Whatever circumstance you are facing, no matter how weak and improbable change looks to you, your weakness and lack is just a set up for the Lord to display His power. Out of your weakness God’s strength is being displayed.

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