John 1:6,7 – There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. He came as a witness, to bear witness about the light, that all might believe through him.

It’s been cold in New Orleans this winter; really cold. It’s snowed twice and been in the teens several times. I think we are all ready for August!!

You don’t normally think about the sun too much unless its cold outside, that’s when you miss it. The sunlight makes all the difference in the world. Even when its cold the sunbeams make it feel warmer. The sun is a picture of Christ, the Light of the world. When He is nowhere to be found, it is dark and cold in our lives. When His glory begins to shine into our lives He has a way of warming up the most difficult of times. I don’t know about you but I am not willing to face the daily messes and drama in this world without this light. His glory brings warmth and revelation making it much easier to make good decisions even in those tough moments. Here are some thoughts from J.C. Ryle on today’s scripture.

“Christ is to the souls of men what the sun is to the world. He is the center and source of all spiritual light, warmth, life, health, growth, beauty, and fertility. Like the sun, He shines for the common benefit of all mankind–for high and for low, for rich and for poor, for Jew and for Greek. Like the sun, He is free to all. All may look at Him, and drink health out of His light. If millions of mankind were mad enough to dwell in caves underground, or to bandage their eyes, their darkness would be their own fault, and not the fault of the sun. So, likewise, if millions of men and women love spiritual “darkness rather than light,” the blame must be laid on their blind hearts, and not on Christ. “Their foolish hearts are darkened.” But whether men will see or not, Christ is the true sun, and the light of the world. There is no light for sinners except in the Lord Jesus.”

So if you are tired of the “cold”, step into the light and warmth of God’s love. Open your Bible, soak in His rays. Soon you will be basking in the warmth of His glorious Light.

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