1 Cor.1:28, 29 – God chose what is low and despised in the world, even things that are not, to bring to nothing things that are, so that no human being might boast in the presence of God.

Redemption is the display of the beauty of God. Many people can’t see this display of God’s beauty, it is only seen by those who have redeemed eyes. What exactly is this thing called redemption? It’s the whole purpose of the word of God. Mankind is locked up in misery resulting from our separation from the Lord. Our sins have robbed us, blinded us, and destroyed our ability to live and enjoy living. Redemption is the working of the sacrificial blood of Jesus on our souls. The power of redemption starts with forgiveness but doesn’t stop there, far from it. The power of God transforms us into different kinds of people. What is the outcome, we are able to actually enjoy life and God is glorified by the transformation. We see our world through different eyes, we also see the Lord and His church through different eyes. Here are some thoughts from Jonathan Edwards on the beauty of redemption.

“Tis of God that we actually do receive all the benefits that Christ has purchased. ’Tis God that pardons and justifies, and delivers from going down to hell, and ’tis his favor that the redeemed are received into, and are made the objects of, when they are justified. So it is God that delivers from the dominion of sin, and cleanses us from our filthiness, and changes us from our deformity. ’Tis of God that the redeemed do receive all their true excellency, wisdom and holiness; and that two ways as the Holy Ghost by whom these things are immediately wrought is from God, proceeds from him, and is sent by him; and also as the Holy Ghost himself is God, by whose operation and indwelling, the knowledge of God and divine things, and a holy disposition, and all all grace are conferred and upheld.”

This is what the ministry of Paul was all about. He called himself the worst of all sinners because he had attacked the church. It was the beauty of redemption that changed Paul from being a murderer to becoming a wonderful man of God. This was the power of his message. He was preaching his testimony, the beauty of redemption. Next time you go to church have a look around. Former adulterers, liars, thieves, braggarts, drug users, alcoholics, homosexuals, and prostitutes; now they are the people of God, redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus.


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