Rev.3:20 – Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.

I have been reflecting on the “open door” that the Lord has put in front of us over the last few days. Of course my mind turned to this verse and it’s powerful ramifications. Most times Christians hear this verse and think the Lord is speaking only to the lost. Is it possible that this word is a passionate and tender word to His people to draw near to Him for fellowship? Maybe this is even a specific word to you. Maybe, just maybe, the Lord is calling out to you. Has your heart become hardened or even closed to the Lord. Before you rush to an answer, I think this verse is for His whole church. In one sense, all of us need to open our hearts again to the Lord’s love for us. This is the beginning of every ‘open door’ in our lives. We open the door of our hearts and revelation and guidance begins to flow into our hearts. Suddenly, our actions are spurred by His love rather than some spiritual obligations. Here are some comments from the Fire Bible on today’s verse.

“This verse is often cited as an invitation for “unsaved” individuals who have yet to receive spiritual salvation and personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. However, while that is a valid invitation, we must also keep in mind that Christ originally gave this message to a church whose people had neglected their relationship with Christ and were out of touch with him. In its self-sufficient prosperity and worldliness, the church in Laodicea had excluded the Lord Jesus Christ from its congregations. Christ’s invitation, spoken from outside the door, is a request for renewed companionship with any individual who will turn from his or her own way and return to a devoted faith and renewed passion for Christ. Christ’s invitation is to sit down at the table with them and share spiritual nourishment. The Bible also speaks of a great “wedding supper” for Christ and his bride—the church. But only those who “eat” with Jesus now will eat with him then.”

The Lord is always faithful to call us back to Himself. Respond to His love, open the door of your heart and enter into an amazing place of fellowship with the Lord. This place of fellowship is where every other door will begin to open up to you.

One Reply to “OPEN YOUR HEART”

  1. Very Timely Word. Thank you for your Blogs. I read them daily and they so….encourage me. Many times just The Word I need for that day. Thank you again. May you and your family be blessed richly this year.

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