And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.

John 1:14 ESV

One of the problems that many people who are familiar with the Bible have is that we tend to miss the majesty that resides right under their noses. This verse is a great example of that dilemma. “Oh, I know that verse; I have heard that preached many times.” Many times we think we know something because we have the information that scripture offers. Many times we haven’t even seen the power and the majesty that the verse contains. The “word” in this verse is the word of the Father. The Father is eternal and has always thought and spoken words. His words are eternal. John also says that the word of the Father is God. God’s word is a distinct person. Also, we see this word Who is an eternal person became a human. These words are beyond powerful; these are the very words of life. Here is how Barclay describes this amazing verse.

“Here we come to the sentence for the sake of which John wrote his gospel. He has thought and talked about the word of God, that powerful, creative, dynamic word which was the agent of creation, that guiding, directing, controlling word which puts order into the universe and mind into man. These were ideas which were known and familiar to both Jew and Greek. Now he says the most startling and incredible thing that he could have said. He says quite simply: “This word which created the world, this reason which controls the order of the world, has become a person and with our own eyes we saw him.” The word that John uses for seeing this word is theasthai; it is used in the New Testament more than twenty times and is always used of actual physical sight. This is no spiritual vision seen with the eye of the soul or of the mind. John declares that the word actually came to earth in the form of a man and was seen by human eyes. He says: “If you want to see what this creating word, this controlling reason, is like, look at Jesus of Nazareth.”

John saw Him with physical eyes throughout His three year ministry and after His death and resurrection. We too can see Him with the eyes of our heart as they are opened by the grace of God. Christmas celebrates this amazing verse. Christmas embraces and declares that the Word of the Father became a man to accomplish God’s plan of redemption.

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