And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

Luke 2:10–11 ESV

This is only good news for someone who is already painfully aware of their need for a Savior. This good news touches the very heart of the gospel and the mission of the life and ministry of Jesus. Christ came to seek and to save the lost. Christ died for the ungodly. Until you see yourself in the category of sinners and the ungodly a Savior is meaningless to you. Once that happens, once you see your sin and His mercy, this is good news of great joy. This is the very joy of Christmas.

So for all the sinners reading this blog today, this Savior is for you. Jesus came to save us from our sins. This brings us to the very meaning of the word Savior. Savior comes from the greek word sozo. Here is Dick Mill’s definition of that beautiful Bible word.

“saved, sozo: To save, heal, cure, preserve, keep safe and sound, rescue from danger or destruction, deliver. Sozo saves from physical death by healing, and from spiritual death by forgiving sin and its effects. Sozo in primitive cultures is translated simply, “to give new life” and “to cause to have a new heart.”

So to be saved by the Savior brings in a whole world of remedy and cure. To be saved from sin deals with forgiveness. The Savior’s death on the cross cleanses us from every sin by His blood poured out on the cross. To be saved from sin also means deliverance from the power and bondage of sin. The Savior strikes at the very heart of the problem, our sinful desire for carnal fulfillment. It is the loveliness of the Savior, the beauty of knowing Him that liberates us from sin’s power. The work of the Savior also involves healing for our body and our emotions. The same sacrifice that frees us from sin destroys the power of sickness in our bodies and our minds. The Savior is our Healer, He has saved us from our diseases. This Savior Who was born for us also saves us from our enemies. All of the attacks that have been mounted against us are brought to nothing, the enemy has been stripped of His power and we are made totally free.

So there is good news of great joy for me and for you. On Christmas Day a Savior was born, Jesus Christ the Lord.


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