fireskystudios-com-48641.jpgActs 27:35 And when he had said these things, he took bread and gave thanks to God in the presence of them all; and when he had broken it he began to eat.

Storms can be quite alarming. Paul and over 275 others had been in a storm for over two weeks. Think about it, a small wooden ship with sails, being driven wherever the storm wants for the last two weeks. To say the crew was terrified is a gross understatement. None of them thought they could make it; very few ever made it through these winter storms on the Mediterranean Sea. Imagine this scene; Paul, one of the prisoners on the boat, took bread (no one had eaten for two weeks), he broke it, and gave thanks. Gave thanks! To the lost person that seems very unusual. Gave thanks! Many would be more likely to curse and blame God for their dilemma. But not Paul, he was giving thanks in the storm. This is a great image for all of us to ponder. Everyone goes through horrible storms, not many give thanks in the middle of them. Why could Paul give thanks? He had been with Jesus the night before and he knew everything was going to be okay. It is this peace from knowing we are in God’s hand and the resulting thankful heart that reaches out and touches the lost. Everyone faces storms, not everyone has peace in them.

This picture of Paul surrounded by soldiers and sailers in the midst of the storm is classic. This passage is intended to be a picture of you or me as we deal with the storms that are pounding away at our lives. The Lord has placed us in strategic places, just as He did Paul, so that our lights can shine through the darkness of our storm. Paul’s storm is a picture of the stormy world we live in. People around us, even those who apparently have their lives all together, are terrified and hurting from the changing world that crashes like waves on their lives. Their marriage and family is under assault, their finances and health are under assault, even their very culture and traditions are being pounded by the waves. Most have no idea where to turn. That’s where you come in; breaking bread, looking up to heaven, and giving thanks. This thankful heart will keep you in the storm and attract those who you are in ‘your boat’.


  1. “This thankful heart will keep you in the storm and attract those who you are in ‘your boat’.”
    I believe that Paul had been THROUGH enough “storms” in his life to realize how this goes. He experienced the hardship and witness the power of God to salvation. He knew he was there for a purpose and it was a setup for the unbelievers with him.
    It can take a while for us to be able to recognize our circumstances as opportunities for God to work in for our benefit and others. When we get it and it becomes a reality in our lives then our light will shine and others gravitate towards us because of our strength and peace and we have an opportunity to share the source of that peace with them. Glory to God!
    Nice one, as always pastor! See you soon.

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