But the greatest of these is love.

1 Cor.13:13

Smith Wigglesworth called it “priming the pump”. He said sometimes we should start doing what we know we should do even when we do not feel especially anointed or benevolent. Once you step out, the Lord shows up. That is a truth that can be applied in many different circumstances. Jesus often told people to start out in faith; stretch forth your withered hand, pick up your pallet and walk, go show yourself to the priest, and roll away the stone. This is true in all aspects of walking in faith. This is often a way we begin in ministry. You may not want to lead a group, do evangelism, or work in the children’s ministry but you know the Lord is nudging you that way. Step out in faith; open up that life group, pray for the sick, go out on the streets and share your faith. I believe that when you do that, another form of addiction will grab you, you too will become addicted to love and and to ministry to helping hurting people. Here is how Andrew Murray describes this phenomenon.

“John Wesley’s ministry was at first powerless and, according to him “without the joy and love that a Moravian colleague possessed”. He asked the Moravian what he should do. The answer was, “Preach love because you believe it is what God’s Word teaches, and you will soon find what you are seeking. Then you will be able to preach it because you possess it.” Wesley took the advice and soon began to preach with such power that many were converted. This has been my own experience. Often in preaching, or in writing, I have asked myself, ‘But do you possess what you preach to others?’. And I have followed this advice: Preach it, because you believe it to be the teaching of God’s Word and heartily desire it. Preach the truth by faith, and the experience will follow. Let the minister who feels impelled to preach about love not hesitate to do so, and he will soon be able to preach it because he has himself received that which he commends.”

When you find yourself looking into the eyes of a young woman recovering from heroin addiction, or a young man who has lost his way drowning in alcohol, or an abandoned elderly person who has lost their hope in life; you will be caught up in God’s love for broken lives. This place of love is God’s place of power and the place you finally discover why you are alive.

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