jim-digritz-2454.jpgCol. 3:11 where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcised nor uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave nor free, but Christ is all and in all.

If you get down to it our basic needs are food to eat, clothes for our body, and a home to live in. If we have these things in life we can pretty much be content. Or can we? Actually those things alone are just pictures or shadows of what we really need in life. We need Christ to be our food, we need to be clothed with Christ Himself, and the Lord should actually be our dwelling place. Our basic physical needs just mirror our profound spiritual needs, to be totally swallowed up in God Himself. The reason we know this is from our experience; no meal could ever permanently satisfy us, no home is ever quite good enough (it stands in need of renovation), and our clothing wears out. Christ has to become all of this to us, like Paul said, Christ is our all in all. Here is how Jonathan Edwards describes this.

“We want clothing, and Christ does not only give us clothing, but he gives himself to be our clothing, that we might put him on.

We want food, and Christ has given himself to be our food; he has given his own flesh to be our meat, and his blood to be our drink, to nourish our soul. Thus Christ tells us that he is the bread which came down from heaven, and the bread of life. In order to our eating of his flesh, it was necessary that he should be slain, as the sacrifices must be slain before they could be eaten; and such was Christ’s love to us, that he consented to be slain, he went as a sheep to the slaughter, that he might give us his flesh to be food for our poor, famishing souls.

We are in need of a habitation; we by sin we have, as it were, turned ourselves out of house and home. It is promised to God’s people that they should dwell in the temple of God for ever, and should go no more out; and we are told that Christ is the temple of the new Jerusalem.”

So go ahead and feast on Christ, move in to your heavenly dwelling place, and clothe yourself with Christ. Only these eternal provisions could ever complete the longings of our hearts.


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