Psa. 41:1 ¶ Blessed is the one who considers the poor!

In the day of trouble the LORD delivers him;

Understanding original meanings of Bible words can sometimes give you great understanding of what a passage actually means. In this verse the word ‘consider’ in the original language is quite meaningful. It means looking in detail and searching for solutions to the problems the poor are facing. Here is the definition from Mounce word book.

“to have insight, wisdom, understanding; to prosper, successful; the potent capacity to understand and so exercise skill in life, a state caused by proper training and teaching, enhanced by careful observation”

The Bible is saying that we should come up with clear plans to enable people to come out of their struggles. Here is what Spurgeon says about this verse.

“Such as have been made partakers of divine grace receive a tenderer nature, and are not hardened against their own flesh and blood; they undertake the cause of the downtrodden, and turn their minds seriously to the promotion of their welfare. They do not toss them a penny and go on their way, but enquire into their sorrows, sift out their cause, study the best ways for their relief, and practically come to their rescue: such as these have the mark of the divine favor plainly upon them, and are as surely the sheep of the Lord’s pasture as if they wore a brand upon their foreheads. They are not said to have considered the poor years ago, but they still do so….”

Who are the poor the Lord is speaking of in this verse? I believe He is speaking of all hurting people that are suffering physically, emotionally, or financially in this world. Really, ministering to the poor is what the ministry of Jesus is all about. Everywhere He went He reached out and helped the suffering and the oppressed.

Obviously, it is not possible for us to solve the problems or even help everyone who is hurting. What is the solution? Follow your heart. Jesus in you will be moved with compassion and direct you how to get involved in people’s lives. It could be anything from hospital ministry, ministry in assisted living homes, or working with a rehab or homeless shelter. It may be as simple as leading a small group or helping in children or youth ministry. It’s important that we do something, our heart demands it. Consider the hurting and in your day of trouble the Lord will deliver you.


  1. I agree, I endured through the transition of leaving a financially prosperous situation (by works) by outreach to the less fortunate, I seemed poor, yet God made me spiritually wealthy. I came to know the Lord as a Good Shepherd, and He tended well, his rod and His staff comfort me. I understand Him better through outreach to the hurting, yet there is a time for everything, trusting Him will allows us to be in His perfect will. I valued souls. I was becoming cynical until I began to connect to Pastoral leadership as yourself.

  2. I do like how Spurgeon out it, “do not toss them a Penney and go on their way.” No, follow our Lord’s lead. We should consider coming along side, becoming personally involved, giving up our time and sharing their struggle. If I am not mistaken He came low, He became personally involved and took a responsibility to help me out my pit. If I truly think Him so awesome, I would want to imitate Him! That seems to be what human beings do when they admire someone. \o/

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