PSA. 23:5 ¶ You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies;

you anoint my head with oil;

my cup overflows.
David knew the importance of the anointing. Ever since that day when Samuel visited his family and anointed David with oil, the anointing had become a huge part of David’s life. He saw the importance of the anointing when facing the lion and the bear, fighting the giant, running from King Saul, fighting the Philistines, writing the songs of the Lord, and reigning as the King of Israel. It was the supernatural enabling that kept and empowered David all of his life.

Today, that anointing is available for all of us. Whether we are facing temptation, challenges in our work or ministry, the anointing of the Lord will equip us for whatever we face. Charles Spurgeon shares about the importance of anointing with fresh oil everyday.

“Thou anointest my head with oil. May we live in the daily enjoyment of this blessing, receiving a fresh anointing for every day’s duties. Every Christian is a priest, but he cannot execute the priestly office without unction, and hence we must go day by day to God the Holy Ghost, that we may have our heads anointed with oil. A priest without oil misses the chief qualification for his office, and the Christian priest lacks his chief fitness for service when he is devoid of new grace from on high.”

I love what Spurgeon said, “every Christian is a priest”. This was a cardinal doctrine of the Protestant Reformation, the priesthood of every believer. The anointing with the oil of the Spirit is critical for the ministry of the priest. Think about it, David instituted 24 hour worship and ministry to the Lord in his tabernacle. Ministry to the Lord is the first duty of the priest. The priests needed God’s empowering and intoxicating anointing to minister on a daily basis. Stepping into His daily anointing equips us for our ministry of worship to the Lord. Secondly, the priest has a ministry to the hurting people all around us. It is the anointing that puts the compassion in our heart for those around us. This compassion spills over in pouring out the love of God to the suffering people we see everyday. Just like David saw the importance of the anointing to face his daily challenges, we too need His help everyday.


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