The barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail, according to the word of the Lord, which he spake by Elijah.
1 Kings 17:16
Merry Tuesday by Parris
Life happens when we reach for our barrel of resources and find it empty. You thought for sure the last time you looked, it had more reserves but now your hand is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Is your cruse of oil empty? Did you fall asleep in the process of living and have been awakened only to come up dry? Please see the faithfulness of divine love. Christ is ever so patient waiting for us, to expel all of us, down to the very last drop.

Famine comes in all sorts of ways. A bad doctor’s report, a tragic accident, absentminded on the job and you are given a notice. From economic collapse to spouses walking out. We find ourselves suddenly depleted. Even more excruciating is when others seem so unnoticed by your need that they reach out their hand for more. God has a funny way of calculating the math. We call it the miracle of multiplication, when God takes over our empty. The scripture reference refers to a widow that is taking her last meal with her son. We don’t know the whole picture other than there has been a famine in the land and she is a widow eating her last meal. Elijah is directed by the Lord to visit her because provision is coming not only to her and her son but to Elijah as well.

McClaren’s commentary says, “no sacrifice to God is ever forgotten and he will not be indebted to no-one”. So as the widow prepares the meal for the prophet, “the barrel wasted not nor the cruse of oil”. God’s math takes over and the household has supply for many years.

Did you wake up to trouble my friend? Has your barrel shown up empty and the cruse of oil gone? Allow the Holy Spirit to visit you again with fresh rains from heaven and he will bring his storehouse with him. Did you lose your way in some offense with another brother or sister? Has man failed you yet again? Look again in your cupboard and see you still have that last barrel of flour and that small cruse of oil. You may not like the messenger but look again and you just might see God’s mighty angels. Never, never discount God’s means of provision. There is “he that scattereth, and yet increaseth”. Your barrel will be full of peace and your cruse of oil will be poured out in love. The infinite riches of God that he has for you can never be exhausted. He supplies in the most miraculous ways!

3 Replies to “WHEN WE COME UP EMPTY”

  1. What a timely word. Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through you. I needed that word right Now. Continue to be blessed in the Lord.

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