From him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.
Rom. 11:36
To try to understand the world we live in without an understanding of God is an exercise in futility. The removal of God from any equation leads to foolery, man thinking he is wise has become foolish in his speculations. Trying to understand creation without a Creator leaves us in a hopeless equation of chance that somehow, by some random accident, the complexity of our universe formed itself out of nothing. Leaving God out of our culture leads to depravity, man gravitates on a spiral of doom lead by his own lusts and prejudices. God is at the center of all things and until we see Him in that light we are caught up in error that leads us into destruction. Here are some thoughts from John Piper on the importance of the Lord being at the center of all things.
“The world thinks that because we can put a man on the moon and cure diseases and build skyscrapers and establish universities, therefore we can understand things without reference to God. But this is a pathetically parochial point of view. It is parochial because it assumes that the material universe is large and God is small. It is parochial because it thinks that being able to do things with matter, while being blind to God, is brilliant. But in fact, a moment’s reflection, in the bracing air of biblical God centeredness, reminds us that when God is taken into account, the material universe is “an infinitely small part of universal existence.” Those are the staggering words of Jonathan Edwards. To be impressed with the material universe and not be impressed with God is like being amazed at Buck Hill in Minnesota and bored at the Rockies of Colorado. If God wore a coat with pockets, he would carry the universe in one of them like a peanut. To ponder the meaning of that peanut, without reference to God’s majesty, is the work of a fool.”
I guess for those that live in the New Orleans area this would be like a strange obsession with Monkey Hill while being bored at the Colorado Rockies. The Lord’s majesty is all around us; we begin to see His glory when the light of the gospel opens our heart and opens our eyes to His greatness. He is greater and nearer than you think; be still for a moment and let His greatness break in on you.

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