Psa. 63:5 ¶ My soul will be satisfied as with fat and rich food,
and my mouth will praise you with joyful lips,
Do you know what it means to be satisfied? No wait a minute, really think about it; have you ever been really satisfied. If you consider what the Bible says, we are created in the image of God. One of the things that that means is that we all have a God sized capacity, desire, and need for joy. Nothing this world has is big enough to fill the hunger for happiness inside of us, only supernatural joy can satisfy these God sized cravings that we all experience. Sin is what fallen man resorts to try to meet this yearning for joy in our soul. Temporal pleasures will never fill the cavernous whole in our bellies, only God will do. Here are some thoughts about man’s capacity for joy from Jonathan Edwards.

“The soul of every man craves a happiness that is equal to the capacity of his nature. The soul of man is like a vessel; the capacity of the soul is as the largeness or contents of the vessel. And therefore, if man has much pleasure and happiness, yet if the vessel is not full, the craving will not cease. Every creature is restless till it enjoys what is equal to the capacity of its nature. Thus we may observe in the brutes; when they have that which is suitable to their nature, and proportional to their capacity, they are contented. Man is of such a nature, that he is capable of an exceedingly great degree of happiness; he is made of a vastly higher nature than the brutes, and therefore he must have vastly higher happiness to satisfy. The pleasures of the outward senses which content the beasts, will not content man. He has other faculties of a higher nature that stand in need of something to fill them; if the sense be satiated, yet if the faculties of the soul are not filled, man will be in a craving restless state.”
So what or who have you been looking to to fill your need for joy? No matter where you look or what you settle for nothing less than or other than God will do for you. You were made for this, to glorify God by enjoying Him forever.


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