Psa. 142:5 ¶ I cry to you, O LORD;
I say, “You are my refuge,  my portion in the land of the living.

King David taught us to worship. He was obviously a talented song writer and musician, 3000 years later we are still singing his songs. What is it about David’s songs and David’s worship that effects us? There is obviously something different about his Psalms that have grabbed our attention over all these years. That unseen ‘something’ is called the anointing. There is an unseen substance that resonates in true worship. That’s why David was singing about wars, and caves, and trials, and enemies. David had discovered access into the very presence of God which He gained through worship, this place of intimacy became David’s hiding place. The Lord was his refuge, his strong tower, his shield, and his rock. He knew there was a real place he could run to to be protected, encouraged, and empowered for his battles. When Christ is your portion you can face anything or anyone with joy. Here are some thoughts about facing your struggles with the Lord as your portion from Jonathan Edwards.

“We may learn, that whatever changes a godly man passes through, he is happy; because God, who is unchangeable, is his chosen portion. Though he meet with temporal losses, and be deprived of many, yea, of all his temporal enjoyments; yet God, whom he prefers before all, still remains, and cannot be lost. While he stays in this changeable, troublesome world, he is happy; because his chosen portion, on which he builds as his main foundation for happiness, is above the world, and above all changes. And when he goes into another world, still he is happy, because that portion yet remains. Whatever he be deprived of, he cannot be deprived of his chief portion; his inheritance remains sure to him…..But how great is the happiness of those who have chosen the Fountain of all good, who prefer him before all things in heaven or on earth, and who can never be deprived of him to all eternity!”
Steven faced the rocks with joy, Paul faced beatings too often to count with joy, and even Jesus endured the cross with joy. How could these men face unthinkable troubles with joy? They had found the Lord as their portion and that was enough. He is more than enough for all of us, no matter what.

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