Is. 57:20 But the wicked are like the tossing sea,
For it cannot be quiet,

And its waters toss up refuse and mud.
Jesus had a tendency to get right to the point. In one of His conversations with the spiritual leaders of Israel He told them they were children of the devil! What ? Most people believe that all humans are children of God. That’s not what Paul taught in his letters and its not what Jesus said to the Pharisees. Both Paul and Jesus believed that humans are part of a fallen race and are actually children of the devil until they are born again. That’s why Jesus insisted to Nicodemus the Pharisee that you must be born again or you will never see heaven. If Jesus is right then wickedness is inside of all of us until our conversion. Jonathan Edwards spoke about this wickedness in his sermon SINNERS IN THE HAND OF AN ANGRY GOD. Check it out.

“There are in the souls of wicked men those hellish principles reigning, that would presently kindle and flame out into hellfire, if it were not for God’s restraints. There is laid in the very nature of carnal men a foundation for the torments of hell: there are those corrupt principles, in reigning power in them, and in full possession of them, that are seeds of hellfire. These principles are active and powerful, and exceeding violent in their nature, and if it were not for the restraining hand of God upon them, they would soon break out, they would flame out after the same manner as the same corruptions, the same enmity does in the hearts of “damned souls, and would beget the same torments in ’em as they do in them.”
Much of the modern preaching seems to imply that all people are good and the Bible is a book of principles teaching us how to be a better you. This is just not the case. Man is damaged, he is born damaged goods. We need forgiveness, but much more than forgiveness, we need transformation. This work of God begins with the new birth. This work of God in the soul of man begins a change. Rather than having a heart filled with the nature of hell, we have a new heart planted in us with the nature of heaven. So, have you been born again? If not now is the time to call upon the name of Jesus.

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