Psa. 26:2 Prove me, O LORD, and try me;
test my heart and my mind.
One of the big challenges that many of us face is the desire to be famous. No one will admit it, but this is a very real problem. I think this may be one of the secrets to the success of social media, especially Facebook. Suddenly everyone has a voice. Every Christian has become a preacher with or without the calling of God. What lies at the base of this problem? I believe it is the very struggle the first worship leader faced, pride and selfish ambition was at the heart of the fall of Lucifer. He wanted to be special (he already was). He wanted the very throne itself. This is not a new problem, over 500 years ago Luther said ambition was the cause of all heresies. Here are some of Luther’s comments on the same problem.
“Even people who have a good understanding of God’s Word often stumble over this sin (selfish ambition). This sin causes all heresies. As the saying goes, “Ambition is the mother of heresies and sects.” Some people always want to be special. They’re never content being like everyone else. This is how they wander off the path without even realizing it. People must pray every day that God would keep this secret rebel inside of them in check. As Paul says, “Honor one another above yourselves” (Romans 12:10). Here Paul acknowledges that the ego— that old idiot—always wants to be the center of attention. As soon as people learn something and can speak about the Lord Jesus Christ, they want to become special. The ego wants people to tell themselves, “Yes, you can get the job done. You’re an educated person. You’re a cut above the rest.”. We can’t do enough to protect ourselves from this shameful wickedness. Other human vices are so crude that we easily perceive them, but this one sneaks up on us. It disguises itself as honoring God and doing what his Word tells us to do. However, selfish ambition lies hiding like a secret rebel behind it all.”
How many people have I known who thought they were going to fill stadiums for Jesus or be a national celebrity? More than you can imagine. I think one of the things awakening or revival does for us is to bring us to a place that God Himself is enough for us, not our position or accomplishments. “One thing have I desired”, David said, “to be in the house of the Lord and look upon His beauty”. That is more than enough.

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