Your kingdom come.
Your will be done

On earth as it is in heaven.

Jonathan Edwards said, Heaven is a World of Love. Love is actually the very atmosphere of heaven because God Himself is love. Real love is more than a feeling or an emotion, real love is a person. The love of God is the third person of the trinity, the blessed Holy Spirit. In light of this truth, think about the Lord’s Prayer, especially today’s verse, “Let Your kingdom come, let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. This prayer is actually calling for an invasion of the love of God into our society; wow! How amazing would it be to see the love of God, the Holy Spirit, being poured upon our world. This is actually what spiritual awakenings are, the outpouring of the Spirit upon society. Lord, pour out your love on our hurting world, pour out your love on us, your people, that we could love the unlovely with the love of Jesus. Check out this quote from Edwards about this atmosphere of love in heaven.
“They all love God with a supreme love. There is no enemy of God in heaven, but all love him as his children. They all are united with one mind to breathe forth their whole souls in love to their eternal Father, and to Jesus Christ, their common Head. Christ loves all his saints in heaven. His love flows out to his whole church there, and to every individual member of it; and they all with one heart and one soul, without “any schism in the body, love their common Redeemer. Every heart is wedded to this spiritual husband. All rejoice in him, the angels concurring. And the angels and saints all love one another. All that glorious society are sincerely united. There is no secret or open enemy among them; not one heart but is full of love, nor one person who is not beloved. As they are all lovely, so all see each other’s loveliness with answerable delight and complacence. Everyone there loves every other inhabitant of heaven whom he sees, and so he is mutually beloved by everyone.”
Heaven sounds like an amazing place. The church can also become an amazing place if we make room for His Spirit, His love, in our hearts. Yielding to Him personally, staying planted in our local church, reaching out to the broken; this is the place where God’s kingdom of love invades the earth.


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