Rev. 22:14 ¶ Blessed are those who do His commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter through the gates into the city.

I think one of the things that will shock us the most is how beautiful and perfect all of the inhabitants of heaven will be. Every single one will radiate absolute perfection. There will be no hint of pride, no sense of lust, no jealousy or envy, no hidden agendas; actually we will finally be in the place where we truly love one another. In this life we only taste the edge of life like this. When we were born again the love of God was poured into our hearts. For those who are truly converted there are drastic changes that permit us to walk in love toward others we would not associate with in our former lives. Old people and young folks actually having beautiful relationships, people of various ethnic backgrounds loving one another, and the rich and the poor alike actually interacting having found a common ground in the love of God. In our best moments we see this love displayed in the church, God’s community on earth. With all of our flaws and imperfections even in our converted state we have to work hard at staying in the love of God, forgiving one another and submitting to the leadership the Lord has provided in His church. It’s not easy. We see through a mirror darkly but a better day is coming. Here is how Jonathan Edwards describes humans in heaven.

“Many men are amiable and worthy to be loved, but yet they are not without those things which are very disagreeable. But it is not so in heaven. There shall be no pollution or deformity of any kind seen in any one person or thing. Everyone is perfectly pure, all over lovely; everything shall be perfectly pleasant. That world is perfectly bright without darkness, perfectly clear without spot. There shall be none appearing with any defects, either natural or moral. There is nothing seen there which is sinful, nothing weak or foolish. Nothing shall appear to which nature is averse, nothing which shall offend the most delicate eye. There shall be no string out of tune to “cause any jar in the harmony of that world, no unpleasant note to cause any discord.”
Heaven is going to be better than we expect. Heaven is also closer than we know. The day is drawing close and Jesus told us we would know those who follow Jesus by their love for one another. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.


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