Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.
John 5:8
I love the story of the pool of Bethesda, multitudes just waiting by the pool for a miracle. Suddenly, the miracle worker Himself came walking up to the pool. “Do you want to get well?” “What kind of question is that?”, the lame man must have said to himself. Of course he wanted to get well, why else would he be lying by that pool. But did he really want to get well? Many of us like our excuses. They give us a safe place to hide. If we were made whole then we would seem vulnerable. We wouldn’t be able to hide behind some excuse to avoid our fear of living a spiritual life. It’s much safer to stay “lame”. Then came the direct word, “If you want to get well, rise, pick up your pallet and walk”. That’s what the lame man did and that’s exactly when he received his miracle. He was made whole. Charles Spurgeon spoke about the power of faith in God’s word from this passage. Check it out.
“Like many others, the impotent man had been waiting for a wonderfully to be wrought, and a sign to be given. Wearily did he watch the pool, but no angel came, or came not for him; yet, thinking it to be his only chance, he waited still, and knew not that there was One near him whose word could heal him in a moment. Many are in the same plight: they are waiting for some singular emotion, remarkable impression, or celestial vision; they wait in vain and watch for nought. Meanwhile these poor souls forget the present Saviour, who bids them look unto him and be saved. He could heal them at once, but they prefer to wait for an angel and a wonder. To trust him is the sure way to every blessing, and he is worthy of the most implicit confidence; but unbelief makes them prefer the cold porches of Bethesda to the warm bosom of his love. O that the Lord may turn his eye upon the multitudes who are in this case today; may he forgive the slights which they put upon his divine power, and call them by that sweet constraining voice, to rise from the bed of despair…”
Just as Jesus walked up to the man by the pool long, long ago; today He has walked up to you. Actually, He has walked up to all of us. “How is that possible?” you ask. It ‘s really quite simple. Jesus lives and works today by the power of His word. All it takes is for someone to take God’s word for himself.

What are you suffering with today? Are you just a lame man (or woman) waiting for your luck to change? Actually, you’re in luck. Your luck has changed. The Lord is standing here right now. He is speaking through this devotion. “Do you want to get well? It’s time to pick up your life and walk

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