Alone with God

matteo-catanese-424968.jpgJesus … withdrew again to a mountain.
Jn. 6:15
One of the mysteries of the humanity of Christ is seen in His prayer life. Here is the creator of all things in utter dependency on His Father. Jesus could have commanded stones to be turned to bread but He didn’t, He had chosen another way to live His life. He showed us by example what it means to be in total dependency on our Heavenly Father. Jesus taught us about the necessity of private prayer. To glimpse into the prayers of Jesus would be the most amazing of all mysteries. To see Him worship the Father when He was deserving of worship and adoration. To see Him praying for wisdom and guidance when He is the very wisdom of God. To seeing Him crying out for strength when He is the very Rock of our salvation. All sufficient yet dependent on the Father, all knowing yet looking to the Father for guidance; the mystery of the incarnation gets even deeper as we watch Jesus pray. Here are some thoughts from Andrew Murray on the private prayers of Jesus.
“Humankind needs God. God made us for His own possession, to find our life and happiness in Him alone. As sinful beings, we have been subject to the desires of the human nature and the world. We have been brought under the power of the visible and temporal. Our restoration in Christ is meant to bring us back into the Father’s presence, love, and fellowship. We have been saved to love and delight in the presence of God. We need to be alone with God. Even Christ Himself, during His time on earth, needed this. He could not live the life of the Son of God here in an earthly form without at times isolating Himself to be alone with the Father. How much more you and I need it! When Jesus instructed us to enter our inner sanctuary, to shut the door, and spend time alone with the Father, He also promised that God would hear our prayers and answer them.”
Jesus prayed on earth, He is also praying at the Father’s right hand in heaven. Today He is our heavenly high priest interceding on our behalf. This really gives me hope, Jesus is praying for me, is it possible for His prayers to fail? I have a feeling everything is going to turn out just fine.

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