Let the people renew their strength.
Isa. 41:1
Renewal is all around us. Our air is renewed by the grass and the trees, the earth is renewed with the four seasons, the water is renewed as it is drawn up into the sky and falls as fresh rain on the earth. All of creation is in a constant state of renewal, this speaks to us about a healthy spiritual life. All of us Christians need daily renewal. How does it come? For me it comes from soaking in God’s word and reading old spiritual books, it comes by worship and prayer, it comes by singing and praying in my heavenly language, it comes by soaking in some good Holy Ghost services and getting in the prayer line. I don’t want to be a dry, dead, crusty old Christian. The good news? I don’t have to be; daily renewal is available for all of us. Jesus said it like this, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” Living water is our source of life. Here is how Spurgeon describes renewal.

“All things on earth need to be renewed. No created thing continueth by itself. Thou renewest the face of the year, was the Psalmist’s utterance. Even the trees, which wear not themselves with care, nor shorten their lives with labour, must drink of the rain of heaven and suck from the hidden treasures of the soil. The cedars of Lebanon, which God has planted, only live because day by day they are full of sap fresh drawn from the earth. Neither can man’s life be sustained without renewal from God. As it is necessary to repair the waste of the body by the frequent meal, so we must repair the waste of the soul by feeding upon the Book of God, or by listening to the preached Word, or by the soul-fattening table of the ordinances. How depressed are our graces when means are neglected! What poor starvelings some saints are who live without the diligent use of the Word of God and secret prayer! If our piety can live without God it is not of divine creating; it is but a dream;”
So, have you had a good drink of living water lately? You can drink right now: open up your Bible, turn on some worship, pray in the Spirit, before you know it you too will be caught up in the streams of renewal.

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