Related imageHeb.13:5 ¶ Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have.

I have been teaching the book of Hebrews in Bethesda for the last several months. The theme of the book of Hebrews is the supernatural life available to us behind the veil. In the last chapter we have today’s verse about contentment. Paul spoke about being content whether he had plenty or if he suffered lack. Obviously, Paul’s view of contentment was far different from what we ordinarily see. The reason is what the book of Hebrews is all about, our contentment comes from this supernatural life we have in Christ. Our contentment doesn’t come from our possessions or our accomplishments, our contentment comes from Christ alone. That’s why this message of fullness or the deeper spiritual life is so practical. Rather than compartmentalizing our life with the spiritual and the natural we see that the whole thing is spiritual. Our ultimate contentment can come from nothing more or nothing other than the Lord. Stepping into intimacy with God is the way to total satisfaction. Here is how Andrew Murray describes it.

“Yes, when God is the portion of the soul, it may well be content with what it has of earth. It is the consciousness of the favor and nearness of God that makes the soul rise above all that the world can offer. To lead the truly Christian life, the life of faith amid daily duties and daily care, we need the presence of God as our better and abiding possession. Our earthly and our heavenly life are more closely linked than we know. Too much of interest in or attachment to earthly things inevitably weakens our hold on God. True fellowship with God at once brings us into the right relation to earthly things. Let our faith study and feed on the promise: Himself hath said, I will in no wise leave thee, nor in any wise forsake thee. The faith that clings to its fulfillment will overcome the world.”
So where have you been focusing your attention to secure contentment in life? Is it financial security that you long for or a new title at work or a better house or a long vacation? Those things are all good but are just not what produces peace and contentment in our soul. Christ is more than enough and He is calling us near.

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  1. I might not go to victory as often as I did in the past,but I really do enjoy the daily bailey drinks. Thanks pastor frank & parris. Also.a big amen to today’s message.

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