tanya-patrikeyeva-423820.jpgHeb. 4:7 again He designates a certain day, saying in David, “Today,” after such a long time, as it has been said:
“Today, if you will hear His voice,

Do not harden your hearts.”
Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? Believe it or not, that is how much of the world lives. The other common deception is I am going to get it together or things are going to change when such and such happens. The problem is tomorrow never comes and such and such never shows up. Living in the now is what God is all about. Asa matter of fact when Moses persisted in getting God’s name do you remember what the Lord said? He said tell them “I am” sent you. Actually the Lord is the Creator of time and lives outside of this creation controlled by time. In other words the Lord lives in the ever present Today of eternity. God is always now, His word is always now, prayer is always now, and our place of rest and happiness in God is in the very eternal Today of God. “Today if you hear His voice !” Here are some thoughts from Andrew Murray on today’s verse.
“To-day! it is a word of wonderful promise. It tells that To-day, this very moment, the wondrous love of God is for thee—it is even now waiting to be poured out into thy heart; that To-day, all that Christ has done, and is now doing in heaven, and is able to do within thee—this very day, it is within thy reach. To-day the Holy Ghost, in whom there is the power to know and claim and enjoy all that the Father and the Son are waiting to bestow, to-day the Holy Ghost is within thee, sufficient for every need, equal to every emergency. With every call we find in our Bible to full and entire surrender; with every promise we read of grace for the supply of temporal and spiritual need; with every prayer we breathe, and every longing that rules in our heart, there is the Spirit of promise whispering, To-day. Even as the Holy Ghost saith, To-day.”
So don’t hesitate or wait for a better moment to sort out your relationship with God. Today is the day of salvation, right now is the moment to enter into His rest of joy.

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