Heb. 4:15 ¶ For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin.

The heavenly priesthood of Christ is one of the greatest mysteries unveiled for us in the Bible. Jesus the Son of God is my priest. Jesus the Son of Man is my priest. Unthinkable! As the Son of God, He unveils to me the beauty and majesty of the Heavenly Father. He is the radiance of the Father’s glory and the exact imprint of His very nature. As the Son of Man He understands completely everything I face in my daily life because He went through these things Himself. He is touched with the feelings of my weaknesses. He faced every temptation and test and passed through perfectly. He represents me to the Father. He is my heavenly representative; only this man of perfection could accomplish this incredible work. Because of what He has done I have total and complete access to the Father’s presence. Here is how Andrew Murray describes this verse.
“Holy brethren! partakers of a heavenly calling! would you be strong to hold fast your confession, and know in full the power of your Redeemer God to save; listen to-day to the voice of the Holy Spirit: Jesus was in all things tempted just as you are. And why? that He might be able to help you. His being able to sympathize has no other purpose than that He should be able to succor. Let the one word be the food of your faith; the other will be its fruit, your blessed experience. Just think of God giving His Son to come and pass through all the temptations that come to you, that He might be able to sympathize, and then lifting Him up to the throne of omnipotence that He might be able to succor, and say if you have not reason to trust Him fully. And let the faith of the blessed High Priest in His infinite and tender sympathy be the foundation of a friendship and a fellowship in which we are sure to experience that He is able to save completely.”
What kind of temptation are you facing today? He understands. Not only does He understand He is able succor you. In our modern language, able to help and strengthen you to overcome every challenge to your faith. Be encouraged, you have a High Priest today. Look to Him and receive strength today.

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