Song 1:2,3 ¶ Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth!
For your love is better than wine; your anointing oils are fragrant;

your name is oil poured out; therefore virgins love you.
Do you remember swearing and using the Name of Jesus as profanity? It is really disturbing today to hear His precious name used in such a filthy manner. A person’s name is connected to a person’s reputation and their very character. The character and nature of Christ is perfect and His Name reflects the beauty of His person. Solomon said in his famous song that His Name is like oil poured forth. This oil is fragrant and attractive, the mention of His Name fills our senses with the smell of His nature. He is beautiful beyond description, just mentioning His Name can actually bring us into His presence. That’s why worshipping the Name of Jesus is so powerful. All He is begins to manifest, the glory of the Lord inhabits those praises. This is the very incense of New Testament worship. In the Old Testament, incense was burned as a type of what was to come. Today, the Name of Jesus is fragrant oil poured out in His house. Here are some comments from John Gill on today’s passage.

“It was usual for lovers to anoint themselves, their hair, garments, to commend themselves to each other; and it was common to commend each other’s ointments, and the grateful smell of them none being like them, or so agreeable as theirs: by these ointments may be meant the grace of Christ, the fulness of it, the oil of gladness with which he is anointed above his fellows, and without measure; and which so greatly recommends him to his church and people; thy name as ointment poured forth; which emits the greater odor for its being poured forth out of the box. The very names of lovers are dear to one another, sweeter than nectar itself; the very mention of them gives an inexpressible pleasure. This may respect not merely the fame of Christ spread abroad in the world through the ministry of the word; nor the Gospel only, which is his name, and is like a box of ointment broke open, which diffuses the savor of his knowledge everywhere; but some precious name of his, as Immanuel, God with us; Jesus, a Savior; but more particularly his name Messiah, which signifies anointed, the anointed Prophet, Priest, and King of his church…”
If there is a foul smell in the air because of the circumstances you find yourself in don’t add to the stink with a filthy mouth. Let the room be filled with the fragrant oil that flows from the worship of His Name.

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