Psa. 123:1 ¶ To you I lift up my eyes,
O you who are enthroned in the heavens!
Psa. 123:2 Behold, as the eyes of servants

look to the hand of their master,

as the eyes of a maidservant

to the hand of her mistress,

so our eyes look to the LORD our God,

till he has mercy upon us.

The word justice has become popular recently, especially in political circles. To me, mercy is way better than justice. At the end of the day all of us have sinned miserably and justice is not what we are looking for, mercy is what we all really need. If you think about it, a revelation of justice is how we get saved. Salvation starts when we see ourselves as sinners justly condemned by a holy God. At the same time we are smitten by His unthinkable mercy. The justice of a holy God demands retribution for all of our sins. Christ became a man for that very purpose, to satisfy the justice of God. Because Christ has born the penalty of man’s sin, mercy is offered freely to us. Mercy triumphs over judgement and justice. When I became aware of this radical offer from God I willingly submitted by life to Him. I experienced freedom from judgement and the bondage of sin through submission. Here are some thoughts from Josh Moody on justice and mercy.

“I want you to notice that radical submission to God is not at the opposite end of the spectrum from a desire to be free from oppression. The psalmist is submitting to God like a servant. He is groveling, we might say. He is looking to the master; she is looking to her mistress like an ancient chattel looked to the hand, waiting for the merest gesture to obey immediately. Our contemporary world tends to say that if you want to be free from repression, it starts with freeing yourself from submission to God. This psalm says the reverse. The only way to be free from repression is to have a higher set of values.”
What an awesome God we serve. Not until we come into a saving relationship with Him can we begin to understand the freeing quality of submission to God. In this submission we find safety and the matchless mercy of our loving Savior. Yeah, I’m looking for mercy, I don’t want any part of the justice of God.


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