Mark 2:2 Immediately many gathered together, so that there was no longer room to receive them, not even near the door. And He preached the word to them.

The voice of the Lord is like no other. It is filled with power, wisdom, comfort, creativity, and has the feel of a beautiful song. Even with Jesus cloaked in the humble garment of a Nazarene carpenter, the power and beauty of His words were unmistakeable. No man ever spake like this man. Somehow when He spoke peace would fill your heart, the unbelievable was now a certainty, and the unclimbable mountain was merely a bump in the road. When Jesus spoke to the paralyzed man in Mark 2 his world began to change. His overbearing guilt was gone and life flooded his mind and his body. Before he realized what had happened he was running down the street toward home with his pallet under his arm. The word of God had made him whole. The beauty of this story is this, Jesus is still speaking today. He is speaking powerfully to us in His written word. Here are some thoughts from Wuest on today’s verse.

“He preached the word to them. “Preached” is laleō, laleō used originally just of sounds like the chatter of birds, the prattling of children, is used here of the most serious kind of speech. It takes note of the sound and the manner of speaking. One thinks of the words in the song in the Garden; “He speaks, and the sound of His voice is so sweet, the birds hush their singing.” Our Lord thus spoke to the crowd assembled, in a conversational tone. The beauty of His voice, the charm of His manner, and the tenderness and love in His countenance, must have come to this weary, sick group of people as a breath from heaven. The verb is in the imperfect tense, emphasizing continuous action. Expositors’ comment on the tense of this verb is as follows; ‘Jesus was preaching the gospel of the kingdom when the following incident happened’ (the healing of the lame man).”
So maybe life’s disappointments have left you paralyzed, unable to function or enjoy your life. This man was so devastated, his friends had to carry him to the feet of Jesus. How you get there is not important, just get there. You may walk, run, crawl, or even be carried by your friends. When you hear the melody of His voice your life will start again.


  1. Beautiful, holy, unstained beauty, once you have been shown even just a quick glimpse, like the substance addict, you must have more. The great thing is that the side affects enhance everything in and about your life, unlike the devastation created by the unholy high.

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